blue smoke on acceleration , dramatic increase

Here's a little thing that I learned a long time ago and I mentioned it here and then somebody else I think Mopar Joe or somebody made a video where they did like a ford or some **** with a torque play yada yada yada anyways he left out the important part which is what I learned a while back. Which is a torque plate does not simulate two things and those two things are the actual clamping and Distortion forces from the full density of the cylinder head & main torque forces and 2... the temperatures at which the engine is ran ...everything changes shape with heat.. so even using a torque plate, it's not going to be round when it's fully warmed up UNLESS you can get the engine completely warmed up while honing it...even then the temp spikes ...and it's worth about 2 hp at 7000+ and that's a satirical guesstimate based in the reality that's it's not worth the cha$e for about 98% of us.
So your saying that having a block honed with torque plates is worthless? Is this why top engine builder's use them? Did you learn this from experience, not trying to sound like a jerk but you're the only person I know of that said that about torque plates.