blue smoke on acceleration , dramatic increase

So your saying that having a block honed with torque plates is worthless? Is this why top engine builder's use them? Did you learn this from experience, not trying to sound like a jerk but you're the only person I know of that said that about torque plates.
I'm saying while you may cure an amount of distortion.. you're only simulating/creating some/a different type of the actual distortion that exists in a running motor. If you're spending the extra in hopes of a perfectly round cylinder bore.. you're getting screwed.

Check a cylinder with no mains torqued and no heads.. note it...pen mark the cyl where you measure and take 6 cross measurements.
Then bolt the head on and check it again, note all 6 points of reference.
Now toque the main caps, measure again and note.

Now put take the caps off and stick a crank in and retorque..and check.
Now take and cook it all up to 220 degrees and take the measurements again.

Compare them all.
You'll find the measurements all changed and the roundest hole measuresd of any of them was the block, cold, by itself with no head.
Use a torque plate when you hone all you want but after you bolt a head on and warm up the engine.. it is not perfectly round..which is what the plates are supposedly intentioned for.
That's what I'm saying.