blue smoke on acceleration , dramatic increase

Sounds like I should forget about having the block honed with a torque plate. I'm going to be doing a full rebuild with a cam,heads, intake, good flowing exhaust system
I'm not saying not to... I'm just saying I myself will not pay extra to have it done anymore. If their bore n hone job includes the use of one...fine. I just remember jumping peoples **** long ago when they didn't use a torque plate ..making a big deal out of something that turned out was not a big deal once I finally learned/wrapped my mind around it. A guy had our local shop do a block for him, insisted on using his own torque plate he had for this particular motor 'odd ball' and so machinist did that...guy picked it up along with his torque plate and took it home. Guy bolts head on and measures bore with motor upside down and finds it's not round.. proceeds to call and ***** out local machinist asking why he didn't use the plate... machinist said he did and to do him a favor and remove the head and bolt the torque plate on and recheck...guy says okay... guy calls back and apologizes... " I don't understand.. the torque plate supposed to make it just like the cylinder head but it's round with a torque plate and pulled out of wack .0008 with the head.."
..then the came the lesson from the machinist.

Do it, just dont think for one sec that it's magic and round after the head goes on, mains torqued and warmed