A-Bodies...Big Motors / New Hemi Duster - FINAL ASSEMBLY

Halfway thru the 180 mile Columbus trip my clutch pedal started only returning 2/3 of the way back with my foot on the underside finishing the upward stroke. I didn't say much about about it until we got back. Didn't want the wife to think I would leave her stranded.

Monday I put it in the air for a visual inspection and re-adjusted the clutch pedal and went for a short ride. While it engaged and disengaged, I could tell it wasn't right so I checked the air gap....and there was maybe .20.

Late Tuesday after the HDK builds I put it back in the air

Today the transmission came out and and I could look inside. Just as suspected, pressure plate failure....all three fingers (Borg / Beck)

Tomorrow the rest (bellhousing , starter , flywheel, clutch) comes out for a quick inspection before we head off to Carlisle around 1pm. Likely the eye bolts took a chit. If I can't rebuild it, I will buy a new one.

I've been fighting the prick (pressure plate) for years always struggling to get .60 of air gap. now I know why.....and the squeaking sound from last summer, pretty sure I got that pegged too. I think the first eye bolt broke several years ago....the second last year...and finally the third on my way to Columbus.