Front wheel speed sensor retrofit ideas?

I haven't really had a chance to try to light up the tires, but everything still seems to be working okay. I have a set of MT ET Radials on the car (street slicks) ever since I found out I somehow bent a rim and cracked the lip on one of my wheels. Normally I'd swap on street tires and keep the MTs handy for drag strip stuff, but my rims have been discontinued and I just haven't gotten around to dealing with it all. Honestly I need a full set of new tires on it anyway, and with one bad spare rim I'm down to 5 total, which means I could finally keep a spare in the car, but I would need two new rims for the race tires. Add to that that I finally modified my front fenders to run the same size tires as the rear and I can have a full set of 5 matching tires on the car.

All of that is to say that the MTs are a little hard to light up just driving around town. Something just also feels off in my tune to me. It runs really nicely and cruises great now, but it just doesn't push me the way I feel like it should. I guess I'm not really pushing crazy power though, so maybe I just have my expectations off. I feel like it used to shove harder in the low end before my computer upgrade, so I think I probably could add some more timing, but I was hoping to get my knock sensors wired in before going too crazy with pushing the envelope. It does seem to put on speed quickly enough though, so maybe it's just all in my head. I probably only have 400hp if I'm lucky, and I'm not sure I've ever driven with the new computer on street tires, so maybe not the best apples to apples comparison. Still need to get it to the strip one of these days to see how it runs. I did run it once before on the old computer setup, so I would have something to compare to there if I can find the slips somewhere.