Prayers Requested!

John I am glad you're feeling better and are on the mend!

The converter has been in for a while. I remember how to put in the converter when Tony, @70aarcuda taught me. Put transmission standing up with bellhousing facing up (like a bowl), then place converter in and turn it until it drops down a couple times. Took some getting used to. I am pretty sure I got the car running and driving as good as I will be able to with the converter. I can get it to shift around 2k rpms with no flare ups and if I hammer the gas it will still shift really nicely without a flare up.

Sorry I didn't reply sooner as it has been a crazy month for me and last week was no different. Only difference now is I am a proud owner of this!

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Congratulations Doc! You and your family must be very happy, I wish you all the success you've worked so hard for.