China welding machines

After I got home from the Sunday morning cruise in, I was obliged to take my bride to Kohls, as she had some Kohls dollars
I dropped her off and went across the street to the HF store to waste some time.
HF is selling these stick and multi use welding machines. They have a two brands, one better than the other. The prices are a good amount cheaper than a Lincoln or Miller
I know a guy who just bought a machine named "Everlast". The company is based in the USA but the machine is made overseas. Ive read good reviews and this guy says it welds pretty good. Inverter technology has come far and is now more cheaply produced.
I think Lincoln and Miller sales will suffer. I think they will lose a part of the market that goes to the home enthusiast. I would think its foolish to buy one of these machines for commercial use but I'm now seeing for home garage use they may be adequate.
I recently bought a Miller 211 Mig welder for strictly garage home use. I like it and its a great machine, well made.
I also have a Miller XMT which is a 220/440 industrial CV/CC machine and I have the suitcase mig drive. Now its a 1990's model, manual controls. It welds perfectly and ive run 5/32, 7018 all day, rod after rod. Ive also run 3/16, 7018 and this machine never miss's a beat
Thats American technology made in the USA. Sadly I think American welders will have to resort more and more to making machines overseas to compete with these new brands
The Cheap chinese machines flooded the Australian market but thet found no service companies would touch them a lot of people have gone back to the name brand machines. Try to claim warranty on a Chinese machine ,a distributor friend bought some in & took 1 home to try out when he plugged it in he woke up up on the floor after recieving a serious electric shock they dont pass the same safety standard tests as the US & UK built machines .We only buy from the US or UK as they support their products through training & service centres throu-out Australia