Father-Son 1974 Duster Project

So it was time to get some things done that were not 100% with the car since it we assembled it over 4 years ago.
She is getting a proper gasket for the rear differential seal, gaskets and seals in the transmission, new timing set, water pump, OEM fan with clutch, oil pan and a fresh coat of engine paint plus all new fasteners for the intake and bolt on accessories. She’s been away for a while but she is coming out great and looks awesome…..
05B4C870-B654-4B2B-9DF2-8FE6B90BC908.jpeg 72F72C8A-E1FD-4D83-9B3A-CB890D1A000C.jpeg 67811F79-35B3-429B-8362-4D9E51F980E8.jpeg