340 Engine Shake

The Comp Cam cam specs look OK for street performance, IMO you would be leaving some Hp on the table.
Do your research on Comp Cam quality issues before you purchase.
That Hyd roller is there latest rendition of what they think a Hyd roller should be as the prior was a failure, dont ask me how I know my *** is still burning.

He did say that I would be leaving some HP on the table, however with the EFI this was the best compromise, for ease of tuning. I'm also not looking to squeeze every bit of HP out of the motor, being that is a street cruiser. Lol.

The failures do make me nervous. When I was talking to the tech guy about the Lunati failure he said they should have informed you not to break in a flat tappet with the ede springs. Even though they aren't dual, their spring rate is too high for breakin. That disappointed me because I specifically asked lunati that question. Not saying thats what happened, but couldn't help.

I got the car home. Cleaned the shop, so I'm gonna start tearing into next week. We are leaving for vacation on Thursday.