Disc Brake Conversion Failing

Surprised nobody has mentioned about the Dodge Darts with the 8 3/4 rear ends that have a history of the factory size 10" rear brakes coming on early with the disc brakes up front. (rear brakes come on early and can spin the car in a circle under heavy braking).

The fix was to put in smaller size rear wheel cylinders.

Here are 2 choices:

Doorman 7/8" bore
rear wheel cylinders.

Raybestos 13/16" rear wheel cylinders

Also here is a 15/16" bore Disc/Drum master cylinder to fit the A Bodies.
Mopar used a 1-1/16" bore for manual discs in A-bodies, but that makes for a much stiffer pedal than most people are comfortable with. 15/16 bore reduces the pedal effort to a more reasonable level.

Out of stock at Rockauto right now.

MC36406 is available on Amazon
15/16" Bore Disc/Drum manual brakes.
15/16" bore, pedal easy to push.

(or call Dr Diff as he has options too)