Distributor advance springs

I’ll check as soon as I can. I had abother fuel pump failure so I’m gonna have to flush and change the oil before I do anything else cause it’s full of gas
That sucks.

I bypassed the delay, but out of ignorance lol. I didn’t know anything about the vacuum amplifier except that I believed it to be some silly emissions component so I just hooked the hose directly from carb to distributor anyway lol.
The OSAC is the one system that should be disconnected. It's simply a delay but trades fuel efficiency and performance for slight improvement in emissions during acceleration. Arguabley its also a safety hazard (due to delayed throttle response) but obviously not so much that the lawyers at Chrysler thought it was dangerous.

Some of the emissions stuff actually works pretty well.
If your engine has EGR, depending on the details, having a working EGR will prevent/reduce pinging. There were several ways EGR was implemented, some can be mechanically blocked off. EGR controled properly is shutoff when the engine is cold, and when the throttle is floored or close to floored.

Here's a 318 EGR vacuum diagram someone posted that used a venturi signal. I suspect /6 cars used a different system.

The distributor is from an older slant I had laying around. Don’t know what year, but it’s pre-73 (it’s orange).
Orange overspray? Doesn't help me. I've seen red slants (1960s), and blue slants (70s until).
As fas as pre-73. In general the early (pre-cat) magnetic pickup distributors have to be set with an initial close to TDC, and usually around 700 rpm.