Disc Brake Conversion Failing

Looks like the FMJ disc's that came on my Sat. Sway bar car, PO (big time Mopar guy) let it roll, without swapping calipers. Leaving Bleeder on the BOTTOM. what a Raw deal. So obvious..... yet Royally Rectally Annoying
Bleeders must be at the top of the Calipers to bleed off any air. Calipers should be set to the rear of the rotors and not the front or the brakes lines could be in the way of turning. 3rd, install spindles on the correct side. As per the OP question, I believe if the lines are bled and clear than the shoes must be contaminated with some fluid or oil on the opposite side of the lock up brake. Check wheel cylinder for operation. Problem is at the "T" block and beyond, at the same side.