RIP 340 Onto Magnum swap

For $800 it is your duty to pull that engine and transmission and put it in your car!! With the factory EFI included!

Yeah, making the 46re fit in the trans tunnel will take some work, and converting your car to EFI will require some money for a proper EFI tank, fuel pump, etc (unless you're a fabricator and want to adapt the van fuel pump to your tank), driveshaft, but it's worth it in the end. As a bonus you'll be able to use the B van power steering bracket, which is required to fit in the A body.

What does it take to remove a motor like this from a van?

Um... yeah, not fun. My 5.9 came from a 1994 B350, we had to cut the lower front cross member and use a forklift to pull it straight out.

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