RIP 340 Onto Magnum swap

If you e been following my other thread in the SB forum, my 340 is toast. Really disappointed, but it doesn't make financial sense to dump money into resurrecting it (at least to me).

So I've been pondering the idea of a 5.9L swap. I found a van on CL here. Complete Dodge Van 3500 Newly Rebuilt Transmission - auto parts - by...

It's been smoged and registered. He has receipts for a trans rebuild(2 years ago). After he reuilt it he said it just bogged down on the free way (like he was running out of gas) and he had to limp it home. He took it back to the trans place and they said it most likely needs an ecm. Which I've read is common. Currently it will turn over and fire but will sputter and die.

So he suggested parting it out. He doesn't have the means and I do. I'm thinking if I can trade my labor for the motor and he can at least sell the trans and scrap the rest, we'd both win.

Mileage is unknown because the odometer doesn't work, but he is thinking 160k. Good sign is it passed smog.

What does it take to remove a motor like this from a van?

I have a 2002 Ram Van that I rebuilt and replaced the motor. It can come out the front with a cherry picker but it is tight. Grille, cooling, upper tie bar, and kegger manifold all came off for clearance. Rather than try to move the cherry picker in such tight quarters, I put the van back down on four wheels and rolled it back away from the picker.

Bonus if you choose to use the magnum serpentine stuff is you have the van ps bracket already.