Let's talk about trucks

I really feel for the folks who have to deal with rust.
I live in Minnesota. Rust HUGE issue. I bought my '07 Ram 3500 with then new 6.7l Cummins in Arkansas in 2018. For the primary reasons of rust. Plus. I insisted on a 6-speed manual transmission. (Which is non-existent since 2019.) Just not trusting the Chrysler auto. (I have sence learned. To upgrade Chrysler's auto transmission cooling fans and pump does wonder.) That's its vulnerability.

My race trailer is 32' 10,000 lbs empty. And the 6-speed manual hiked 24k+ lbs total package weight up over the Colorado mountains more than once. It was grunting for sure. But so were the big rigs. 30 MPH max at 6° plus hills.