340 Chugging instead of Reving

If you think it’s ignition, you want to contact this guy and have him look at it for you. He is the guy who ran the R&D for Mallory for all the digital boxes. He’s retired now but he still does repairs for a decent price.

I don’t have any 685 boxes laying around or I’d send you one so you could test it.

[email protected]

Send Dave an email and he will hook you up.

I really appreciate your passing that connection for Dave to me. I'll put everything back together and a fresh set of plugs
Just for grins and giggles, put some new plugs in it, probably solve problem for a short while, then read the plugs again .
They may tell a different story .
If not, my asshole's sucking wind .



Would you be able to recommend a plug that might help put this engine back on track? I don't think any of us want your asshole sucking wind lol