340 Chugging instead of Reving

The distributor is:
Comp S/S 32 series YH single pickup model which used keys to set the mechanical advance. I just checked the keys and found that I set it at 28* I may misspoke earlier.

Just so I am clear on locking the distributor... there is nothing in the instructions. If I need to dis assemble the distributor and set 32* mechanically, I'll need to measure the size of each key and come up with a spacer to reach 32. The keys only go to 28. I read someplace that if you don't have the keys you can use a drill bit in the size needed.
IF I do not need to set it mechanically, but only need lock the side set screws and turn the distributor to 32* with a timing, that would be easier IF it can be done that way. Or I could turn the rotor clockwise to reach the current 28 setting and lock it there... again just for testing purposes. Any thoughts, concerns or direction on these 3 options?
If you set it to 32 internally you’ll have 32 degrees of MECHANICAL advance. That’s not what you want. You want “0” degrees of mechanical advance. I’ve never had my hands on that distributor so I don’t know how big the slots are, but basically you want to adjust it with no keys if that makes sense. You want the distributor shaft and the reluctor plate to be “locked” together. Then you’ll have no mechanical. Make sense?