Distributor advance springs

Are You purchasing bearings for a known good crank, or??? If the crank You plan to use doesn't check out, You will be buying undersize ones if it gets re-ground, or a replacement that's been done the same.
I believe it to be good. I haven’t driven the car since the knock started. I can’t simply pull the pan to check, and I can’t pull the engine at the moment (I live in an apartment complex, I’ll have to drag it to my brothers house), but that’s all gonna wait until next spring when I’ve had time to accumulate all the parts and will have more vacation time, which won’t be until early May. I don’t want to tear it all apart more than once. Tear it all down, redo all bearings and seals, build it, throw it back in. Standard size cast crank bearings are surprisingly hard to come buy, but under size are not. If I end up having to have the crank turned over a couple thou I’ll buy some new bearings. Not too big of a deal.