Any value in 198’s?

198 rods can be sold for a couple of hundred dollars to someone wanting to build a ‘long rod’ slant six.
The 198 rods used in conjunction with Mopar 2.2 or 2.5 l pistons gives a near zero deck height.
Other than the rods and crankshaft, everything else in and on the motor is common with the 225.
Although none of the engine parts have huge value, the electronic distributor, valve cover, oil pan and pick up, and the cylinder head can usually be sold for 15.00 to 25.00 dollars or so. Although it is hard to give away a complete slant six engine, I once parted out a complete slant six and it was all gone in two weeks.
Sold each component set for $5.00 + shipping, rocker arm shaft and rockers $5.00, oil pump and cam shaft $5.00, set of push rods $5.00, set of head bolts $5.00, all plus shipping. It took multiple trips to the PO, but it was all gone and I netted a bit over $100.00
Keep in mind that cars that are around 50 years old may have had an engine swap. A potion of the block top deck extends outside of the cylinder head just below #1 sparkplug, behind the alternator. Look there for a 198 stamped in. Although if the block was rebuilt and the deck milled the stamping would be gone.