Any value in 198’s?

Brother has a ‘71 Demon he got with a 198 (I think) that he is going to scrap. Used to be the rods were worth something to the right people, but not sure if that is still the case.

Worth grabbing the rods or anything else? Or not worth the effort anymore?
You can get the rods.....but at the cost of having them redone with good rod bolts and resized, you're gonna come real close to what the Molnar rods go for. So really, they're worth about what any other slant six rod is because of that. The 198 though is a good engine just like the rest. It probably doesn't deserve scrappin. I'd give a little more than scrap price for it if we weren't on opposite sides of this hunk of dirt. Put it in the for sale forum. Maybe a local member might want it.