Any value in 198’s?

Brother has a ‘71 Demon he got with a 198 (I think) that he is going to scrap. Used to be the rods were worth something to the right people, but not sure if that is still the case.

Worth grabbing the rods or anything else? Or not worth the effort anymore?
The whole thing as a conversation peice has value. Imo
Yes the rods are desirable. People stick 2.2 pistons on them and use the 225 crank for a lighter mass and more squeeze.
I'd say they could be worth 100-200 on their own, maybe. K1 makes rods for slants last I checked.. & they aren't based on the 198 rod iirr, so.. how necessary are they after all can could be up for debate.
You can get about 10.1 or near before milling with the 198/2.2 T piston. I did one for Bob years ago, still have a piston 'one was damaged in the box'. Those pistons have a thin wall around the valve relief above the ring...and it chips off. I do not like that feature needless to say.
Hope that information is useful to you.