100 shot of nitrous on 360 magnum engine

1981 i went for a ride in 396 nitrous camaro
i bought a kit 2 days later marvin miller i think it was 299 bucks later it tested the lowest hp by hotrod i think of 4 kits 85 hp top kit was 120 ish hp think it was NOS they said the miller kit wasnt suited to the intake maybe blah.
68 dart 270 taxi package my 1st car 318 headers 2 barrel 727 8/3/4 3.23 sg 489 housing g-60s cragars air shocks as purchased 900 bucks
spring clamps adjustable snubber offy dual port 360 holley 600 vac secondary 340 2.02 j heads mallory dual point street hemi 471 474 cam shift kit it was a dog until 3500 that cam sounded great in the 318
the nitrous gave it bottom end surprised alot of cars after that install
i put on a torker 340 single plane with the nitrous back then its what the smarter then i recommended

T to factory fuel line
momentary switch on carb at full throttle
switch on dash
holley fuel pump

ive run it on 2 a bodys

Delivered by ups came with a full bottle on those days lol