Post 11 second small block combos

72 Demon. 408 w/ mildly ported Eddie RPM heads. 10.5 CR. 850DP on an untouched Super Victor intake. MSD 6AL ignition. SFT 251/255@050 cam, approx .560 lift. Kevco 6qt oil pan. Hooker 1.75" Super Comp headers, batt & 12 gal fuel cell in trunk.

CRT 727 w/ a Griner RMVB, 8" ATI Treemaster converter that stalls right at 5000 rpm, and a Cheetah shifter. 4.10 gear on a spool in the 8-3/4 rear. Cage, subframes tied, CalTracs w/ split mono springs. 28x10.5W bias slicks. Weight unknown but likely in the 3300# range (glass 6-pack hood and no heater box or rear seats). Fully street legal (horn, lights, turn signals, etc, etc) and driven some on the street.
Best of 11.251 @ 117.1 at ~2800 DA.
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Gorgeous Demon! I have a 72 Demon with with almost exact same setup. What do you shift at and what rpm do you go through the traps at?