A-Bodies...Big Motors / New Hemi Duster - FINAL ASSEMBLY

instead of waiting any longer for MCloud to rebuild my pressure plate / clutch, I decided to buy a new Ram package and when the McCloud shows up, I'll keep it as a spare. Since the transmission is such a PIA to install with the Gear Vendor attached, I decided to mock it up and check air gap and fitment BEFORE I bolted the trans / GV back on. Glad I did, I discovered I have had the wrong pivot bracket on this hot rod for over 12 years causing the throw-out to not be centered. When the clutch pedal was being engaged the offset became compounded and made the problem worse.

No surprise to me.....I had the correct bracket in my stash of trans / clutch parts. Since I put this package together more than 12 years ago, I always fought for air gap, struggling to get even .060.....a quick test (still in mock up) before I headed out of the shop tonight gave me .065.

The 7" tower is definitely going back on.