Headers for a small block dart with power steering?

Yes, I have a 68 dart with power steering (and power brakes and the huge old school starter if that matters) and it came to me with a set of headers. So I can tell you they exist but there are no identifying marks on mine so I can't give you any specific info on them. Adding on to that, I am not a fan of how the drivers side headers are routed (#1 goes over the top of the rest of the tubes alongside the valvecover then shoots down with #7 at the back of the motor. And I don't remember if it is #3 or #5 that goes the long way around the drag link meaning that if I ever want to change headers, I need to also remove the drag link from the car.) I have seen Doug's headers at car shows that fit MUCH nicer in my opinion with a small block and power steering and I believe the only "modification" needed is to swap to a mini-starter. I don't know the exact model of those headers though... Good Luck!