Headers for a small block dart with power steering?

Patriot headers will fit pretty good.
I put a set on a 73 dart sport with power steering and 4 speed with just a minor tweak to the pressure line.
But like most of the lesser expensive headers,they do hang low.
I have Patriot headers also and power steering. They do hang low on the driver's side. I raised the front end a little and I haven't had a problem with ground clearance since then. I also changed over to a mini starter which I really like. They seem like a quality header… Except for how the passenger side pipes angle out for apparently no reason so I had to make a couple of sharp turns in the exhaust to make it go through the cutouts in the transmission member.


20180516_194737.jpgOverall , for the price, I like the headers.
DODGE Patriot Exhaust H8211-1 Patriot Full-Length Headers | Summit Racing.
Give them a call and see if they have them for your application.