Post 11 second small block combos

I can finally post here! I’ve owned my Demon since I was 15 years old (54 now)
Bracket raced it quite a bit back in the 80’s to the early 90’s with a low compression 360 and a .484 purple shaft cam to consistent 12.30’s - 12.40’s
The car became an afterthought when family needs to come first....raising a boy that got a good education and played hockey through Juniors, divorce - re-married, in a stable part of my life with too much time, barely enough money and the energy level is lower and body pains become more prevalent.
I’ve spent the last 5 years doing a full rotisserie restoration and building it the way I’ve wanted to for years!
Technology has come a long way since the days of the Purple Shaft Cams and B&M Super Holeshot Converter!
Car is all steel with US Cartool frame connectors, a fiberglass six pack scoop (hood isn’t painted yet) stock glass/interior.
Front end is pretty much stock w/QA-1 90/10 shocks - front runner tires.
Rear end is 8 3/4, S/S springs moved in to frame rails, 4.30:1 gear, Mopar long shocks for S/S Springs and M/T 275/60-15 Drag radials.
Engine is a .30 over 360 with a Rod Bloomer 4.125 crank/kit to equal 420 cubic inches.
Compression is near 10.5:1 eddy heads gasket matched and some bowl blending/Hughes roller rockers.
Bullet hydraulic roller cam .573 lift around 250 @50 duration. Eddy Super Victor intake with a Holley 750HP that flows 820.
Trans is a well built 904 with 2.76 low gear set, T/A manual valve body and a PTC converter that flash stalls right about 4000 rpm.
MSD 6AL ignition and an aeromotive A2000 fuel pump.
Went to the track Sunday, it was about 65 degrees, slight tail wind, perfect conditions!
Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised!!!
I have many people to thank that have helped….
Demonx2 helped with carb fine tuning - ALOT!!
67Dart and Crackedback helped with electrical gremlins (As they help just about everyone on here!)
I’m sure there’s many more that I've asked questions, gotten advice, and have read a lot to build this car as it sits today.
For that, I am very grateful.
Enough of my boring story....time for the good stuff!
Sunday morning I woke up at 4am….like a kid on Christmas morning….I just grabbed coffee and went to the garage.
Hooked up the car about 8am, got to the track about 9.
Waited til they opened the lanes at 10:30 - warmed up the drivetrain with a few laps around the pits and jumped in line.
I was hoping I didn’t forget how to do all this….did a decent burnout, staged and decided to make an easy pass.
Had a good launch from about 1200 rpm, shifted early and lifted - ran a 12.35! Ok Wow! That was easy.
Next pass…’s game on.
Did a good burnout, launched at 1500…..and the pics will tell the rest of the story.
The 4:30 is a bit steep, the engine wasn’t pulling as it should have through the lights and singing at around 6500.
Going to look into a 4:10, maybe 3:91.
Needless to say I am very pleased and so happy to be in this club.
Thanks for listening and definitely thanks for all the help gang!!