Bob's Component Resto, Part 26: The Battery

It's crazy man. I'm sure some people would say "it's a slant 6 car, don't waste your time", but I'm lovin every minute of it.
Point well taken, Rusty. And thanks for your continued support and encouragement. Everyone has his or her own reason for appreciating their cars. My Duster (as I've previously mentioned) is a re-creation of my very first car that I bought in 1977. It recalls a happy time in my life for me, and I love the challenge of getting everything on it back to stock. For example, yesterday I found a factory original, never replaced PCV valve on a donor 1974 Valiant. This valve is the exact correct part number and still has its factory blue paint on it. I pulled it, reconditioned it and installed it on my Duster - and it works perfectly (see first two photos below). Here was a cruddy old part that sat cold and dead on a rusty hulk for years, now reborn and happily sucking oil fumes through my engine as it was designed to do. And I like the idea of having some factory original paint in my engine compartment, installed on my freshly repainted motor. I realize that I'm one of the few people in the hobby who restore their cars this way, so I suppose that shows how sick I am. Anyhow, I believe that as time goes by the A body cars will become more valuable. I also believe that people will begin to appreciate the slant six engine more. I still have the opposite end of the Mopar spectrum with my 440 powered 1969 Charger RT/SE (see photos), but I just love driving that stout little slant six!