Fresh Blueprinted 340 Block (6/70 Casting) .030....$1,250.00

Fully Prepared 1970 340 Engine
Not filled and Suitable for Street or Race.
Block was Acid Washed and the Sonic Tested (Really Good)
Deck corrected side to side and equalized @ .020
Align bored checked and perfect (I have the other bolt)
Engine was bored .030 with Sunnen and Torque Plate
It has been sitting in the shop for 40 years
It has a Imperfection (scuff) pictured
down low in block that I think would not make any difference
in sealing or affect piston skirt in any way.
If it concerned, you could rehone the cylinder or bore engine .040 or
even sleeve the cylinder but either would be overkill.
but I would just run it = In the first couple 100 miles it will have worse
imperfections for sure!

I can deliver in So Cal or So Nevada.
Or you could pick up at next couple Nationals Races (Pomona world
finals) and I could throw in free tickets and crew passes

Basically, a free block and you are paying for the
machine work!

$1,250.00 Firm