PRW Platinum Rockers, Trick Flow Heads, 408: Anyone Else Use the Same?

Beanhead, thank you for the response, it’s much appreciated. I have the rockers and shafts off now and will shim everything again. What a pain to get everything lined up with the pushrods and the lifters pumped up. I’m going with your advice and hopefully that quiets the motor. Your right, the motor is very strong, even though I’m taking it easy on it for a few hundred miles it still easily breaks loose my 265 tires, like I had bicycle tires out back instead.
Burn that rubber!:thumbsup:

What "I" do when setting the side clearence is use four feeler gauges of the same size, (of whatever clearance I'm shooting for) and leave them in place next to each pair while I line things up and tighten the bolts. That way stuff can't shift around and close up the clearance I'm after. Makes things a little easier..