DIY electrical parts supplier ~ thread

I know its easy to just order new wiring but I wanted to do a couple of things different. Started to rewire my 65 Dodge coronet and when I'm done with it I'll be rewiring my 66 Valaint. My plans are to update the engine bays wires and the under dash. The original headlight wiring scared me enough to not drive at night. The under dash wiring will be and removed and the old glass fuzes will be updated with flat blade fuses. I will be keeping with the factory colored wires, so I'll be crimping my own wire terminals.

The amount of time I have spent searching for terminals and connectors was much more than the actual time I spent cutting and crimping wire.

So today I found the perfect website for someone who is rewiring their old car. It is Jay Dee Auto Cables. Auto Cable, Wire, Connectors & Terminals - Jay Dee Auto Cables

They had the hard to find headlight H4 .312 open barrel flag terminals / connector and crimper. They also had the open barrel splice and open barrel pigtail terminals.

The only problem was they were in Austria and no shipping to the USA.

So this is the list of places I found the needed parts to rewire mu old mopars.

Iwiss HS series of ratcheting crimpers for the H4 headlight .312 flag open barrel terminals, also other open barrel terminals
HS Series Ratchet Terminal Crimping Tools

Cycle terminal Has the low profile H4 headlight terminals Motorcycle Terminals, Connectors, and Wiring Accessories

Terminal Supply Has the Packard 65 terminals and connectors

DigiKey Has terminals and connectors

If you know of any other suppliers that would help the DIY wiring person, please post them.