Non-charging help 89 Dakota

My Shelby Dakota. Pulled the throttle bodied 318, threw together a warm little carburrated 360 with a stand alone mopar electronic ignition. All emissions relayed wiring is not terminated, just laid back out of the way. I have all original ground straps bolted to the back of the head. The original computer still has its power feed and grounds. All dash guages and lights work, except for the tach.

I have full battery voltage at the hot post on the alternator. I have less than 2 ohms from the ground post to the body. I know that both fields feed into the computer and would think they'd feed back out for charging to take place.

Do I need to wire one of the files into the ignition like a 74 Dart?
Do I need to bypass the computer and wire in an external regulator?

I've got a factory service manual for the truck, but lose sight of the fields when the enter the computer.