Tunnel ram or no tunnel ram...

Here is a short movie that shows what’s going on. As you can see, over 3000 rpm cruise is where it needs to be(14-14.5), same with WOT at 12.9 but I can’t show that one handed recording from my phone. It’s cold outside so probably it will be .2 lower in summer.
I had to give it gas because it wanted to die.
All the bad stuff happens below 3000.
T-slot restriction change didn’t do much, I will remove them completely and try to test again.
As for MABs, there were 39s in with 78 jets. Now I have 74 front and 75 back with 28s square.
From 3000 to 7000 the car picked up a bunch. I can light the tires in 3rd at 60mph.
Fixing what’s going on in lower rpm range will make it a total win.
Don’t mind the whistle, it’s my vacuum pump valve, easily addressed, I’m just focused on carbs now so I don’t care about anything else.