Prayers for the wife

Not yet,waiting on more blood work. I will keep you all up dated
All I can tell you is this Brother Dan, I went to two hospitals down here and got misdiagnosed by both I told them I needed antibiotics I told them how long I've been sick the viral infection only lasts a week or two I've been sick over a month actually it's almost 5 months now but when I went in and got denied medication and proper treatment by two separate hospitals it had been a month at that point I went to a third hospital and they gave me 24 to 48 hours to live Brother! Then after I got out of the hospital on Labor Day with five kinds of antibiotics shoved in my arm they shoved two more kind of antibiotic pills on me, then a 15-day course of Levaquin. So strong is known to screw your body up and it actually cures inhaled Anthrax and the plague. I'm kind of having a relapse right now bro. Do not wait on them people to do anything! You have to be your own patient advocate! Much love You and Linda Bro, God Bless ! The medical industry is complete goat screw right now