Tunnel ram or no tunnel ram...

I understand. But all the circuits over lap so IMO until you clean up the idle circuit, reduce the emulsion, make sure the main jets/power valve/PVCR are right for a cruise you really can’t get the T slots correct.

Thats why I do the T slots last.

I get that you took the restricters out and it made the engine happy(er) but you haven’t tuned the rest of the carb up yet.
In this case you would be unable to leave t slots restrictors as they were to tune last because there was no driving between standing still and 3000 rpm, also I could not get it leaner than 12.8 afr in park. I even tried 40 degrees advance to lean it out and nothing helped. I had good afr in gear at 14.5 but this resulted in 12.6 in park. I played with iab size and the only difference it resulted in was amount of turns on the mixture screws. I tried various sizes from 60 to 90. Now I have size 80 IAB which gives me full turn on mixture screws.
My t slots in primaries are just under square and barely visible on secondary. This gives me 1000rpm in park and crispy 850rpm in gear. Lambda shows 13.5 in park and 14.5 in gear which is how it idled with my dominator.
I used 28 mab as you suggested and it seems to work well I don’t feel or see any change when slowly or quickly accelerating from standing stil. Lambda is consistent. This is better than in case of my dominator. The car also cruises better than with my dominator but it’s on the lean side in 3rd gear at 3500 rpm with 14.5 afr. Impossible to test wot well but when I tried it showed 12.8-13.0 afr which again is as with my dominator.
When my car was on dyno, it made best numbers with that lambda value.
If this can be made better, I’m all in!! It’s depressing that weather is in the toilet and I can’t play with it some more. I am waiting for set screws and air bleeds, got blank since I also bought all the drills you suggested.
Also buddy of mine got a 1050 2 circuit dominator for his 500ci barracuda. This will most likely be another post about carburetor tuning alone ;-)
I thank you again for all the help and support. I will for sure come back to this when weather comes back to normal. There should be nitrous plumbing on that intake by then.