Engine placement

Is there a general consensus on proper engine placement and geometry for a big block in an 69 style A body?

Making some adjustments over the winter and was curious as to what others have on engine placement? Now would be the time if I am all wrong.

I have a homemade engine mount kit placed on a slant 6 k frame from the 80’s and wondered how others have their engine in their car.

I have about 1 1/4 inch from each head to the firewall. Engine is level but dips in back a shade over one inch when tied to transmission and crossmember.

Engine install essentially requires slip in with trans attached as back of block right at firewall. Kind of a PIA process.
I don’t particularly like that geometry and was wondering what changes have been made in the last 40 years to make install and geometry more efficient.

I have a set of hooker headers I need to fit which is why the block is in the car mocked up. Going away from my old pro parts headers because they just leaked too much with for my comfort with the sniper efi.

My side to side is level and there is appropriate offset for the steering.

Any comparisons, criticisms and comments will be well taken.