Tunnel ram or no tunnel ram...

Small update.
Since the plan is to move the ifrs down low I decided so see how they impact the way the car drives.
I started drilling them out .001” at a time. These restrictors are very sensitive. Every .001” makes a difference. I opened them up to .035” and there is no slightest hesitation remaining, it was almost good with .034” but o2 showed 15+ sometimes. My o2 sensor now shows 14-14.8 cruise in 3rd gear before primaries kick in.
I also noticed that throttle blade adjustment in case of primaries need 1 full turn on adjuster screw to have good t-slot window, but secondaries only need 3/4 turn to give the same result. That kind of setting results in very stable idle.
Overall for now, I’d say I could drive this as is. Plugs look good also, actually they are a bit too clean but I will probably put new ones for spring testing.

I wonder what further mods will do.