318 MAX fuel economy builds?

The rocker ratio changes the spring load seen at the lifter....., 250# OTN is 375# at the lifter w/a 1.5, 400# w/a 1.6, etc.....
Very good and I do not debate this. On the Rhoads site they have a question and answer section and they claim that valve spring pressure is not an issue because the lifters bleed down is based on engine speed and the time the bleed hole has to bleed and is lined up and able to bleed down. Since liquid does not compress I assume and that's all it is is a hypothesis bases on their statmente that the ratio and spring pressure varying to a degree of changing the way the lifters perform will be minimal and not noteworthy for my application at least.

I say that because I'm building a max mileage engine and the lifters will be bled down 99% of the time and I'll only use them pumped up on rare occasions. When they pump up will not be as critical as it would be for someone monitoring their quarter mile et ect.