318 MAX fuel economy builds?

I agree and understand that when I pick my oil weight, springs which will be stock hp and engine temp. What I get is what I will get. It isn't a computer program that's for sure. But I'll take whatever I get on top and hope for 20 on the road. My goal is 20 mpg on the open road and under 14 sec in the quarter. If I accomplish this I'll have a fine daily driver while I finish buying parts and building the car.

Thanks for the help and interest. This is the car.

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Nice looking ride @Dmopower. Your mileage and power build isn't everyone's cup of tea, but it is right up my alley.

I took a different approach back in 1994 I put a 518 in my 340 challenger. It would knock down 20mpg on the highway provided I kept my foot out of it.

There are some good threads on moparts you would be interested in. Look for super duper 318 and super duper 5.9 threads by @hotroddave. Not sure if he is on Abodies or not.