Beefing up A500 overdrive

I picked up an A500 to go behind my 6.4 crate (485hp/475tq) and had Dave Smith at Pro Trans beef and build it up. He swapped in quite a few parts. I looked around for lockup converters and found there are only a few companies that will make them up. I ultimately went with Edge Racing Converters for a billet unit. As for the PATC kit to have a fully auto OD and lockup, theirs is listed for the A518 only. I purchased the kit anyway after speaking with one of their techs. The difference I found is that the A518 hydraulic ports are 1/4 NPT vs the A500 1/8 NPT. The kit has 1/4 NPT pressure switches (I opted for the adjustable version). I picked up a couple of brass adapters and will use 1/8 copper tubing to place the switches in the engine bay for access and tuning. My swap won't begin until next year as my 390 stroker/904 w/EFI are barely broken in so my future road trip plan won't be pushed back. This is in a 68 Coronet wagon.