318 MAX fuel economy builds?

Is better atomization the only effect responsible for the increase in mileage with the water heated intake plenum, or is there something else at play? Did the effect of a longer intake runner impact fuel mileage as well?
Just to be technical so people can understand the difference the Carb atomizes the fuel from there how much of it is vaporized depends on the manifold, pressure differential at the valve and how much you compress the mixture. And a whole raft of other factors.

I wonder how much of this gain could be realized by just switching from a Holley carb to a Thermoquad? Thermoquad does the best job atomizing fuel of any of the v8 carbs used by the big 3.

I went from a modded edelbrock 600 with Carter boosters to a stock Thermoquad and the difference was very pronounced. The car revved smoother and quicker. I've also had modded 750's and an 800 AVS on it as well but nothing felt and drove like the TQ. It really surprised me.
e used to sell this gadget of his to the people with motorhomes because it would improve their fuel mileage almost double. So if they were getting six or eight miles a gallon they were getting 12 to 16. He put it on a few trucks for different guys but he didn't put it on a car because it raised the carburetor up too much and it interfered with the hood an the air cleaner.

Yeah from memory some one said they had built a plenum with a water heated section inside that would cause the methanol to completely vaporize as it left the carb and hit the plate. Said the car would rpm to 8000k+ during the race while the other competitors in the same class could only manage to get theirs to 6800. they broke all the track records then had their set up banned the following year.....