Teaser pics...426

If they had a non variable runner version i would have considered it, but by the time you buy all the factory rails and hold downs, and intake, I think it was more, and Chryslers OE parts supply is less reliable than aftermarket.

Makes sense. I kind of figured that trying to use the OEM intake would have been a bit of a nightmare, just from the procurement part. Didn't even think about all the other parts. And not having an SRV means one less part to have to get.

I was kind of curious if you have run them back to back and the Holley worked better for you application but knew that other factors were probably a bigger influence.

I don't recall if the terminator can activate the runner valve or not, but that would have been another complication.

Pretty sure the Terminator can do the SRV, but don't quote me on it.

We will probably make /source our own intake in the future.

Curious to see what you guys come up with. I am going to run the OEM 6.4 intake on my 5.7 because it is probably all I need and I like the idea of a dual runner intake, but always interested in what else is available.

Thanks for the reply!