USCT Inner fender braces with big tires

I have a set of the US Cartool inner fender braces on my '71 Dart, but I wasn't planning on putting 275's on that car and I haven't tried fitting them. Originally I didn't think those USCT fender braces would cause a clearance issue, they're in the corner and the tire is round and all. But those braces may in fact come out and down too far for a 275 on a lowered car. Like everything it would depend on a lot on ride height as well.

I know that on my Duster I've run out of height as far as clearance to the inner fender now, I have just the tiniest spot where you can see the undercoating is getting rubbed when the suspension is at full compression and on the lower bump stop. But that's with 275/35/18's and only about 24 7/8" from the ground to the fender lip in the middle of the wheel opening. I have "J" bars on the Duster in the engine compartment, tying the frame to the upper shock mount to the firewall.