Degreeing a Cam Shaft

Ok, looking at your cam card it looks like that cam is on a 114 Lobe Separation Angle and they want it installed on a 109 Intake Centerline. That would be 5 degrees advanced.

So let’s talk about what you are doing. You have found TDC and now you have the dial indicator on the valve. Is that correct?

If so, you will get wonky numbers doing that. That’s because your cam card says that at .050 LIFTER RISE your intake opening will be degrees BTDC.

If you are checking that at the valve, you have to multiply that .050 lift by your rocker ratio. If that’s 1.5 you have to read the degree wheel at .075 VALVE LIFT to get the right numbers.

If you have 1.6 rockers you need to be at .080 VALVE LIFT. That’s why it’s easier to check your timing at the lifter. If you can’t do that then you have to add in the rocker ratio.