340 questions

so this is for sale near me. was thinking about maybe picking it up if the price is right.

so he says its a 1972 340 engine out of a 1972 Barracuda.. not sure if that's true or not but I'll post a vin pic.

do those look like the early pistons? i thought by 72 they were lower compression. this from what i remember look like the 68-70 higher compression pistons. or am i totally wrong?

would a 72 have a steel or cast crank. the guy says he isn't sure.. he thinks its steel but says he looked it up and is getting conflicting information.

he thinks its std bore but obviously i'd have to measure it when there in person.

obviously i have to go see it in person but what do you think it may be worth? 340's seem to be all over the damn place price wise...