Big carb (Quick Fuel 850) on a small engine?

Just a question(s) - don't know much about carbs, that's why I'm asking. One thing I see is that a lot of people running fast cars (even street cars, not just drag cars) are running carbs a lot bigger than what is the "standard recommended" cfm. I've also read in a few places is the real reason big carbs don't work on smaller/lower rpm applications is b/c of weak booster signal, not the size of the carb. Couple that with "with a dual plane intake, the engine only sees half of the carb's cfm".

Assuming both are true, could a carb that's way to big by "conventional standards" be tuned to work OK on a 318 if it had annular boosters for a stronger booster signal? Probably with an RPM Air Gap, Promaxx 171 heads (not the Shockers), and 236 @ .050 cam? Or would it be waste of time and money trying to get it to work?