Big carb (Quick Fuel 850) on a small engine?

Say your building a 400 hp engine and say 400 hp is a about 550 cfm, i'm not talking carb size but the actual amount of air pumped through the engine each minute "550 cubic feet". Now no matter what carb you put on a 350 450 550 750 1050 etc.. About 550 cfm with be displaced each minute making all these carbs a 550 cfm carb at full throttle just at different vacuum levels.
Why I said "about 550 cfm" cause carb size will slightly change how much air the engine will displace cause of restriction, it's better to think of carb as different levels of restriction like header diameter size. Smaller carb more restrictive making less hp so needing slightly less cfm over optimal size carb.

So since the engine above uses 550 cfm you'd think 550 cfm carb would be perfect but a carb is only 550 @ 1.5" hg which is fairly restrictive still so say you put on a 750 cfm carb @ 1.5" hg
on this engine it now will be about 550 cfm @ 1" hg (1" hg is a guess).