340 questions

i picked the motor up tonight. as longs as i measured right its std bore. the rods with no pistons are the original rods. the pistons and rods the seller got from a friend. steel crank drilled for a pilot bearing.. got a windage tray, oil pan and timing cover with it. now i just have have to figure out how to build it. want it to run like a 340 is supposed to and be a nice cruiser with the 3.23 gears that are in the car. I'll use the 340 manifolds i have on the car now along with the performer rpm (non air gap) intake i have. I'll also use one of the sets of J heads i have.

casting date looks to be 1-13-71 or maybe 1-15-71. not sure what the vin is from.

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That's a clear 71 engine. Crank should be forged if it's still the matching one.