Vacuum advance information and myths

No offense but you did not make any attempt to indulge any of the physics points in that last post from Bevy. If you are correct, you should be able to explain in detail why any of that is wrong. I was waiting for a response from your end to continue to provide thought provoking analysis of the conversation. The physics reasoning bevy provided in that post are correct from my experience. Rather than stomp and walk away because you think people don't BELIEVE you, you should be able to explain away any faults the post has.

I have already decided to test both theory for temp, mileage, fA ratio and manners this spring in a controlled study. As far as getting his Pontiac to run on new fuel with MV. My 67 300 10-1 runs perfect on today's fuel timed that way and I get over 17 mpg on the hwy.

You claim how well your tune works but you’ve given no details.

How about how much initial you have with MVA, what your total is at WOT and the RPM that occurs.

Compression ratio.
Gear ratio.
Intake manifold.
Cam timing numbers.

With that information it can be determined if you can do something different that may (or may not) work better.

You won’t know that unless you consider at least that there may be other options.