An Eagle Cap Camper Snapped A Ram 3500 Dually In Half, Mopar Refuses $17,000 Repair Bill

Would really like to pictures of the frame on that Ram. Wonder if it's buckled or fatigued and broke(guessing fatigued and broke). Regardless a new frame is in order as everything around the damaged area is also weaker now.
I have a f350 with a lance camper. Was surprised how much weight is actually on the front end. Adding Carli front springs made it obvious.
I toured the inside of one of those Eagle caps campers at an RV show. They have an amazing amount of room in them. But they are heavy.
My guess is that a lot of vehicles with a single slide camper on a rear single tire pickup are not to far behind this scenario.
If ya just have bikes on the back a trailer or motorhome may be a nicer route ehh.